An unparalleled off-site program aimed at unleashing untapped potential within teams and organizations. Key issues: connection, creativity and adaptability.

Adapting to changing conditions and markets is feasible in a relatively limited time-frame. Step by step. By (re)connecting internally the organization and externally the clients.

As a business tool for transformation, the Inspiration Experience© uniquely combines insights from nature, art, culture, science and business. Experiencing the insights is key.

Successful experiences have taken place at ABN AMRO (Dialogues House) and other leading service providers, including non-profit. The Inspiration Experience© can be fully integrated in an off-site (strategic) program.

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Quote Inspiration Experience© participant:  "With this approach ReNEXT is leading into a new era, which will bring about change in thinking and business management"

"Change your thoughts and you change your world"

Norman Vincent Peale