Those foundations continue to be shaky. After the cracks in the wall, tiles start falling from the roof. This in brief could summarize 2015.

2015, was it a lost year? A tragic year? A hopeful year? So much depends on your personal circumstances. A healthy child is born. A new job. Or a family member falling seriously ill. Fired. No new contract as an entrepreneur. A bad review for your latest book. What happens to someone personally or in the immediate vicinity impacts -for most- how they assess their year.

A climate agreement, no matter how soft the content and promises, offers hope for humanity. But not for the people, when you’re affected with your family by a massive earthquake killing 9,000 people, which was the case this year in Nepal. Many have already forgotten about this tragedy, caught up with their own daily affairs. Understandable. But how big of an impact it would be on you if no climate deal had been closed? Walking in New York City during Christmas wearing only a T-shirt and shorts is not too bad, is it? Would we lose sleep over a failed deal for many nights, weeks or months or would we continue leading our lives like there is no tomorrow?

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Sometimes someone is ahead of his time. What about a 20th century composer of classical music, who used an open source approach –when it was not around yet- just because he thought it was the right thing to do. This ensures high quality performances, adaptive over time and by targetgroup and still captivating a growing number of people. Sounds like an interesting example of a sound business model for the future, doesn’t it?