2013 is almost over. Another eventful year. What really 'sticks? What is your takeaway from this year? In other words, what was for you the essence of 2013?

A (new) love flourished. A child 's first steps. A great business deal. A promotion. A loved one (almost) passed away. Another challenge emerged for you.
Much of what has happened, we will forget. A small part we will keep and sort of clings to us. Our brains and our feelings determine in an incomprehensible mix what will be permanently remembered.
This 'duo' filters unnoticed what was for us the most significant in last year.

In everday life we are often immersed in what needs to be done and we give insufficient consideration to what is really important.
Being open to the people around you and therefore more sensing what actually happens plays a crucial role.
Our being knows what drives us, what we really appreciate and how the flame of passion is lit. The lump between our ears directs us unfortunately, all too often away from that essence. Resulting often into miscommunication, alienation, dissatisfaction and more unpleasant consequences.

Wouldn't it be nice if we let our 'essence-filter' work at full speed coming year, and use more consciencely all throughout the year this filter as a navigation tool for everything we do? Both in private as well as in business. Reflection as a constant instead of "only if I really have peace in my mind,
somewhere at the end of the year". Let's have a look at the end of 2014 what wonderful results will come out of this?
Bringing about the engine that will provide for more connection and collaboration between people. In a increasingly more pleasant setting for everyone.

All this in a rapidly transforming world. Where the new Pope, Francis, shows that a very traditional institution is capable to initiate a thorough change. Hope ....
A year in which a commercial enterprise such as Unilever has made progress in making a substantial reduction of its ' ecological footprint '. Because it can and should. Expectations ....
A period in which the praise is sung for a grand person like Mandela, whose legacy will inspire a new generation of leaders. Prospects ...

In Chinese crisis also means opportunity. Shall we focus in 2014 solely on the latter meaning ? Deal....
In the new environment of 2014 we can give free rein to our imagination, with hope and expectation as the powerful engine.
Putting dots on the horizon and coloring the picture together. It will require leadership from ourselves, over ourselves, for and with others. Commitment ....

Looking back is closure, selection making and a little melancholia. Looking ahead means openings and endless opportunities, imagination and promises of renewal and change. Hope !

Within this context ReNEXT wishes you a nice travel to and in 2014 with a backpack filled with 'essences of 2013' as fuel for an exciting and eventful journey.
Taking a moment each day to look around you, fully aware, regularly with a 'mirror' nearby.
To find the answers which are often close at hand.

Just make it a beautiful year, with and for all whom will cross your path. Unleash the power of imagination.
On the way to an innovative and promising future. In good health.