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The breakthrough in 2015

A few days before the year 2014 can be ‘stowed away’ one thing is for sure: the world hasn’t become increasingly clear and transparent. So called 'mixed signals' have underpinned the complexity of our contemporary surroundings. How do you perceive this? How did you experience this year?

In the world of today, everything seems possible, thanks to the incredibly rapid changes in technology.

Talking with other people far away -with talking faces on a screen- nowadays that’s not really special anymore. Not broadcasters but the viewers themselves cater their own favorite television evenings
partly because of sophisticated recording technology.
 In addition gaming has become a mature industry that keeps consumers glued to their screens in a completely different way. Turning passively watching into actively participating -at the highest entertainment spectrum with film and TV heroes. The viewer decides how to use his or her screen.

Printing your own artwork in 3D on someone else’s printer. Or 3D printing prosthetic devices -for the fraction of the traditional price- for someone in a distant and underprivileged country.
By sharing infrastructure and open source programs, the gap between the ‘haves and have-nots' can be significantly reduced. The -collaborating- users determine the future.

Thanks to highly advanced aircrafts, we can travel all over the world in no time. Relatively safely. Unfortunately we have lost a large number of our compatriots in a horrific accident (MH 17)
and a lot of other people perished because of another incident where an airplane just vanished. In both cases, it seems that human ‘failure -in very different manners- was the cause of this suffering.
People made the difference -in this case unfortunately.

The Dutch national soccer team -with a limited set of skills within the entire team- achieved despite the very pessimistic predictions a third place at the World Cup in Brazil.
The support of technology enabled the coach and team to make profound analyses in preparation for every match. Star players –team captain or not-
showed servant leadership combined with a coach who knows how great team spirit can transform mediocrity into world class action. The players -the human factor- in the end mapped out the results.

The crisis maintains its grip on many countries and continents. Indeed, the excesses of what went wrong in recent years increasingly emerge.
Report after report is drafted with an abundancy of examples concerning mismanagement, abuse of power, greed and extreme incompetence.
Often, the matter is broader and deeper than 'just the top'. What will you do while this is happening in our organization? Close your eyes, join the ‘party’ or will you do something about it? Together people affect the final success or failure of an organization.

The takeover by a young company -Facebook- of a very young company -Whatsapp- for USD 19 billion defined the breakthrough of the startup-to-billionaire-era. 
Unfortunately there is a substantial increasing number of complaints about abuse of the technological possibilities in the field of privacy and more.
It seems the young giants now appear mirroring the same behavior as the dinosaurs they have battled. The first of thousands of FB users already closed their accounts because using all these social media is taking too much of their time and attention, in addition to the criticism on the abuse of personal data as mentioned. Ultimately the consumer will draw his or her own conclusion.

The EU institutions –in utter confusion- for years have been looking for a new mode to secure citizen loyalty. For example, by creating a currency union with economies faring at
too much of a different speed. Or expanding rapidly a Union adding over 10 countries, each and every one with very different cultures and agendas.
Much more, much larger and more centrally controlled affairs. Completely contrary to developments in the world, where even multinationals once again realize that decentralization
and offering more responsibility to their employees yields much better results. At long last the –satisfied or dissatisfied- civilians will turn the tables.

Especially in such a complex year the already remarkable 'transformation' Pope gave an instant infamous Christmas speech to the Curia. In his speech he criticizes the degenerate culture
of power and selfishness, which makes a naturally collaborative ‘body’ sick and disintegrative. Only we ourselves -after a healthy dose of self-reflection- can get our own act together and make a difference.

As mentioned things have not become easier over here. And yet, through all the complexity there have been so many positive signs of change.
A number of inspiring figureheads of existing and new institutions give people hope and expectations of a change for the better. Besides the many micro-level initiatives;
a collaborative fully fledged ecosystem is in the making. More and more people at different scales and levels -enabled by technology- make the difference.
In this way they are actually starting to make the world a more pleasant and more sustainable place.

If you just to sit down and look through your eye-lashes to have a peak at the future -with a touch of optimism and a tuft of positivity- all favorable developments that have started
over the last period will gain strength and could materialize. A year in which we together can give that extra nudge towards companies, organizations and communities aimed at
realizing prosperity for the whole.
Where you and I can make a difference and everyone will share in something bigger than only our ‘daily bread’. In fact, the (added) value of each person is in the power of us all together.

Things have to change and therefore will change. In short, 2015 can become a year of breakthrough to a better, brighter and -in every way- more enriching life.

May this optimistic message inspire you the coming year to act -in whatever circumstances- in a slightly different way. By doing so, just make it for you and your loved ones -and for us all- a wonderful, positive and successful 2015. In good health.