Being online is not the same as being available for your people. Personal contact, room for independent thinking and inspiration. That is a form of leadership that leads to sustainable growth.

Inspiring and new perspective on sustainable leadership. The email-less manager; if you're a manager, you should not be busy with your email or laptop but with your people. Wouter van Dieren (IMSA Director, Member of the Club of Rome) proves that it is feasible.



In harsh economic times, more and more opportunities aarise, even at the ‘bottom of the pyramid '. Time for innovative products and concepts. Inspiration for various sectors.

MANAGEMENT gurus have rhapsodised about "the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid" in emerging markets ever since C.K. Prahalad popularised the idea in 2006. They have filled books with stories of cut-price Indian hospitals and Chinese firms that make $100 computers. But when it comes to the bottom of the pyramid in the rich world, the gurus lose interest.