What do Picasso, Nokia and polar bears have in common? Well, this matter touches upon one of the main challenges in our professional- as well as our personal lives.
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Why is it that we as humans have difficulties with change? Why do we know that change is good, but mostly for ‘others’. We fear change, let alone complete transformation of our business, as well as our personal lives.

The challenge
The challenge of Design Studio Chocolate and Foam: how to position a high quality (Amsterdam linked) design product at the right level and link up to matching distribution channels?

The plan
ReNEXT has studied the market in-depth and drafted a strategic business development plan. The aim was to elevate the studio and the designer to a higher level matching the quality and future ambitions of this small but fast growing business. Subsequently a roadmap was developed focusing on a careful development of partnerships with the appropriate future distribution channels.

The implementation
ReNEXT also took the lead in the actual execution of the plan, including selecting and approaching the distribution partners and the 'deal making'.

The result
Successful distribution agreements have been concluded with amongst others the Dutch premier department store De Bijenkorf and the leading Dutch museum:  the Rijksmuseum.