A classical music composition by Vivaldi can be played only in some ways within certain boundaries. Is it?
Well, a 14 years old girl proved otherwise. It might inspire you in activating untapped potential within people (like in music compositions) and teams. It is a matter of looking differently at familiar situations and colleagues within your organization.

By connecting the dots and people in a deviating way, creativity, innovation and change is unleashed.
This is exactly what is intended and happens within the framework of the Inspiration Experience©. This Experience brings you insights from an array of sectors and angles including many eye-opening business cases. Check out: the Inspiration Experience©.

All it takes is an open mind, a first step and a energizing natural environment (off-site).
Enjoy the clip: Vivaldi Rocks (so can your organization):

Creativity is the buzz word of our times. Still, how to exactly incorporate and foster creativity is a hard job. It is all about trial and error, gut feeling and yes, also some structure.
To get started to go to the next level of creativity within your organisation, just some interesting suggestions.